insight #4.18

The Arc Lémanique is a prime hub for blockchain startups

Less in the spotlight but certainly not less vibrant and dynamic: The Arc lémanique is on track to become a global prime destination for the blockchain industry. For insight, Adrian Schatzmann, Strategic Advisor for the Swiss Bankers Association (SB... Read More…

insight #4.18

Massnahme zum Schutz der Schweizer Börseninfrastruktur

Der Bundesrat hat am 30. November 2018 eine Verordnung zum Schutz der Schweizer Börseninfrastruktur in Kraft gesetzt*. Gemäss Medienberichten soll die Europäische Kommission ihren Mitgliedern eine Verlängerung der Börsenäquivalenz um sechs Mona... Read More…

insight #4.18

Switzerland – a global investment management hub

Global investment management is a growing area in the financial industry, and so it is in Switzerland. In recent years, investment management has established itself as a core value proposition of the country’s financial industry. Investment managem... Read More…

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insight #4.18 | 2018-12-12 12:16:00.000000
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