Financial Centre

Financial Centre

National and international clients alike are important to the Swiss financial centre. The financial services industry is the engine of the Swiss economy. Here you can find useful information as well as interesting facts and figures on the Swiss financial centre.

Core values

Stability, universality, responsibility and excellence – these are the four cornerstones of Swiss banking. These values are the foundation of the success of the Swiss financial centre. The Swiss banks will continue to orientate themselves along these values in future, thus contributing to a competitive, diverse banking centre with a high level of performance.


The Swiss banks are in good shape and are looking to the future with optimism. Here is where you can find out about the strategic priorities the Swiss financial centre has set out for the next few years.

Key Figures

It is difficult to imagine a modern economy without a strong financial sector. The financial sector is an essential condition for the efficient and effective operation of economic activities.

Financial Centre Participants

The financial centre is more than just the sum total of the banks in Switzerland. Take a look at this section for information on the key players who shape the financial sector.

Promotion of the financial centre

The Swiss Bankers Association advocates for the Swiss financial centre both at home and abroad. It is involved in a number of different promotional activities aimed at progressively strengthening the financial centre’s profile and reputation.