Market sccess

Market sccess


Am 27. September 2020 kommt die sogenannte Kündigungsinitiative zur Abstimmung. Diese Volksinitiative will die Personenfreizügigkeit der Schweiz mit der EU beenden. Eine Annahme der Volksinitiative hätte die Kündigung volkswirtschaftlich wichtiger Verträge zur Folge. Die Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung (SBVg) lehnt diese radikale Volksinitiative klar ab.

Market access

Access to foreign markets is of strategic importance for ensuring the Swiss financial centre’s ability to remain competitive.

The equivalence process

The Swiss banks make a significant contribution to value creation in Switzerland and provide high-skilled jobs. The prerequisites for this are framework conditions that enable the banks, also in future, to prove their international competitiveness. Access for Swiss financial services providers to foreign markets is of strategic importance in this regard. Market access means that Swiss banks can export their services out of Switzerland. The EU represents an important market for the Swiss banks’ export business.

Brexit and Switzerland-UK relations in the financial sector

Switzerland and the UK have enjoyed intensive and multifaceted bilateral relations for many years. Both countries also have leading global financial centres. Because the UK is one of the key mar-kets for the Swiss banks’ export business, it is very important that after the end of the transition period, relations with the UK not only remain as undisrupted as possible, but that they are also deepened in a targeted manner.