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Bankers Day 2019 - Networking with a vision

This year’s Bankers Day is being held under the motto “Networking with a vision”. In the view of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA), a forward-looking approach and results-oriented collaboration are essential for the success of Switzerland as ... Read More…


Who’s afraid of Libra?

International discussion about Facebook’s digital currency Libra shows no sign of abating and will probably continue to dog Switzerland’s financial centre. The Geneva-based Libra Association is attracting mainly criticism from world politics. Read More…


Viele Stimmen für einen starken Finanzplatz

Zahlreiche Bankmitarbeitende und Vertreter des Finanzplatzes kandidieren für den National- oder Ständerat. Das ist erfreulich. Banken-Know-How ist im Parlament wichtiger denn je. Read More…

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