Electronic identity (e-ID)

As a result of the continuous technological advancements, business processes are increasingly shifting to the digital world. The settlement of electronic transactions requires trust in the identity and authenticity of the counterparty. The state-recognised, electronic identity (e-ID) will provide users with unequivocal, secure and user-friendly identification on the internet. Both consumers as well as providers of online services will benefit equally from this. Further to this, the e-ID is also to be used in dealings with the authorities (e-government).

Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

With the second edition of the Payment Services Directive, or PSD2 for short, the EU is reconfiguring the ground rules for banking and especially in payment transactions. PSD2 obliges banks in the EU, among other things, to grant third parties access to bank accounts. The EU's PSD2 regulation does not apply to Switzerland. Switzerland relies on market economy solutions. There is no need for PSD2 analogue regulation.

Digitalisation and Fintech

Digitalisation is posing challenges, but also benefitting Switzerland on many levels. This reality also applies in the financial sector. In order to ensure the Swiss financial centre remains attractive at the international level, the framework conditions must continue to be efficient and conducive to innovation. Digitalisation is therefore a core strategic issue for the Swiss Bankers Association.