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December 14, 2016


Thank you for your contribution to a strong financial centre

Thank you for your contribution to a strong financial centre

Since assuming my role as Chairman of the SBA in September, I have experienced a number of intensive weeks and was witness to a considerable success: the sector and its association actively and successfully contributed to the drafting of FinSA and FinIA. ou can read more about that in this edition of insight.

Our success was not least due to the fact that we spoke with a single voice and very clearly explained the importance of the two laws. I hope that we will have many more positive experiences of this nature in future.

Developing the proper framework conditions is crucial for the future. The outcome of the vote on the Corporate Tax Reform Act III, which is key to ensuring a strong economy and a successful financial centre, will set an important course. We must continue to successfully bring home to the public and the government the importance of the financial centre for the economy and the prosperity of the entire nation. The financial sector makes a significant contribution to value creation in Switzerland, accounting for ten percent thereof. It provides around 255,000 good jobs and in addition, generates almost 15 percent of the taxes levied by the federal government. Good framework conditions for the financial centre also mean optimal conditions for a well-functioning economy at all levels. I am very pleased that with the report published recently on financial market policy, the banks are once again receiving positive signals from the federal government.

My wish for the coming year is that we increase the focus on the importance and the future viability of our financial centre both at home and abroad, and that in the dialogue with the government, authorities and key committees, we develop sensible and goal-oriented solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.

I thank you for your contribution to a strong financial centre and wish you and your families all the very best for 2017.