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September 26, 2019


Dear Readers

Dear Readers

Our financial centre is highly interconnected – with institutions, with authorities, with markets and especially with customers. These connections are broad and multi-faceted, a fact to which Bankers Day, attended by around 400 guests from the government, the authorities, associations and of course the banks, once again attested.
Herbert J. Scheidt
by Herbert J. Scheidt, Chairman

In this issue of insight, you can read, among other things, about why precisely this interconnectedness is one of our country’s and financial centre’s strengths. And why we must continue to foster good framework conditions to ensure not only that this remains the case, but that it can also be further expanded.

The discussions at Bankers Day frequently turned to a topic that has concerned more than just the banks for years: the negative interest rates introduced by central banks. In this issue, SBA Chief Economist Martin Hess explains the consequences of loose monetary policy and how it affects the financial sector. Just one indicative figure in this regard: the banks in Switzerland pay the Swiss National Bank around two billion francs in negative interest every year.

This issue of insight also takes a look at other important dossiers: an interview with Jan Blöchliger, Executive Board Member of FINMA, for example, focuses on the challenges faced by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Another topic explored is the positive development of wealth management in Switzerland, which was an area of focus in this year’s Banking Barometer.

The federal elections are nearing and are of course also an important matter for the Bankers Association: read more about the Bankers Association’s platform for candidates who advocate for the financial centre.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of insight.
Herbert J. Scheidt