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September 21, 2017


Being at the top and staying there

Being at the top and staying there

Dear readers

Our banks are highly competitive. They differentiate themselves through innovation, professionalism and quality. The role of the Bankers Association is to ensure that the best possible framework conditions are in place.

This year, our Bankers Day was held under the motto “Remaining at the top”. In this issue of insight, we look back at an outstanding evening that centred on the topic of competitiveness. Together with our members, we as the Bankers Association make an important contribution to the prosperity of our country and to the Swiss model for success. For us, this is both a motivating factor and a responsibility. It is only possible to be thought leaders today for the ideal framework conditions of tomorrow if we have a strong network of which you are a part, dear readers. You know the banking trends of tomorrow and the requirements that go hand in hand with these. We bundle your knowledge, develop clear positions and advocate these with one strong voice in our dealings with politicians, regulators and the public. In an interview, Herbert J. Scheidt speaks about current regulatory issues as well as the challenges in the area of market access. He explains why the Swiss financial centre will still be at the top in 2025 and calls for a “Swiss way” instead of a “Swiss finish” when it comes to regulation.

Other topics featured in this issue are FinSA and FinIA, as well as an overview of how the Swiss banking sector has become more secure and stable in the ten years since the financial crisis.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of insight.