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June 26, 2019


Bankers Day 2019: Networking with a vision

Bankers Day 2019: Networking with a vision

Switzerland has one of the most globalised and therefore interconnected economies in the world. On 12 September 2019, this year’s Bankers Day will focus not only on the interconnectedness of Switzerland’s real economy, but also the interlinkage of man and machine. Internationally renowned experts will present their theories and together with specialists, discuss the implications thereof for our future as well as their effects on the Swiss financial centre.

Swiss Bankers Day will be held on 12 September 2019 at Aura in Zurich under the motto “Networking with a vision”. The members of the Bankers Association and many guests representing industry, politics and science can look forward to an exciting programme featuring renowned speakers and panellists. The conference will be followed by a drinks reception with a flying buffet, which will give participants an ideal opportunity to network.

Parag Khanna
The paths of power lines, oil pipelines and submarine internet cables are today more important than national borders. This is the theory that will be put forward by the first speaker at this year’s Bankers Day. In his book “Connectography – Mapping the Future of Global Civilization”, the well-known Indian-American political strategist Parag Khanna explores the geopolitical importance of our infrastructure for global connectivity. The often quoted TED speaker and author has a PhD in international relations from the London School of Economics and was Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.

The importance of global inter-connectivity and open markets for Swiss banking will be the topic addressed by a high-calibre panel. It will be discussed from both a domestic and foreign perspective with Ambassador Martin Dahinden (FDFA), Annika Falkengren (Lombard Odier), Jörg Gasser (CEO SBA), State Secretary Daniela Stoffel (FDF) and Professor Jan-Egbert Sturm (KOF/ETH).

Miriam Meckel
Will the brain become the next frontier to be conquered in the interconnected future? This is the question that will be posed by the second speaker at Bankers Day 2019. With a view to researching the current trend of self-optimisation, Miriam Meckel underwent a test in which her brain was stimulated with electrodes. What is purported by the provider of this technology to optimise our brains left the HSG professor feeling anything but optimal. Will brainhacking make us more successful and happier? Meckel’s presentation “The network of networks: how we connect our brains to the internet”, will provide some interesting facts.

The programme for Bankers Day 2019 will live up to the motto "Networking with a vision" in many respects. On 12 September 2019, guests can look forward to exciting insights, futuristic outlooks and the possibility to network with leaders from industry, the authorities and science.

For individual members, Bankers Day will begin with the statutory segment of the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the general items relating to approvals and elections, an amendment to the statutes is also on the agenda this year. This is necessary in order to take into account the changed regulatory environment, in particular the new requirements under the Financial Services Act (FinSA) and the terminology of the Financial Markets Infrastructure Act (FMIA). In addition, the financial year will be adjusted in line with the legal requirements.

For individual members
Individual members will find the programme incl. agenda items for the Annual General Meeting here and can register here via the registration form for individual members. External guests will receive a separate invitation.