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April 04, 2019


The framework agreement and tax reform: there’s no getting around them

The framework agreement and tax reform: there’s no getting around them

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Shaping the future, creating scope for development: important elements of this are the financial centre’s openness to new technologies such as the cloud, and its commitment to open markets and a level playing field.
Claude-Alain Margelisch
by Claude-Alain Margelisch, CEO-Advisor, former CEO

Ensuring and further developing the bilateral approach in the relationships with the EU is essential for the Swiss banking sector. An institutional solution with the EU is a decisive step towards opening the door to concretising necessary and practicable market access solutions in the banking sector. We therefore welcome the institutional agreement between Switzerland and the EU. Our Board of Directors resolved on 19 March to clearly support the agreement.

No less relevant for international competitiveness is the AHV tax proposal, on which we will vote in May 2019. If adopted, the proposal will create sustainable conditions with regard to corporate taxes and will therefore ensure the international competitiveness of our financial sector, which provides approximately 210,000 jobs in Switzerland. The reform would also make a contribution to AHV, something we all benefit from.

Coming to grips with new technologies is also pivotal for the future of the financial centre. How banking can be brought to the cloud securely is explained both in the new SBA guidelines and by Richard Hess in his article in this issue of insight. In another article, Remo Kübler explores how the digitalisation of official registries could improve banking activities.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of insight.

Claude-Alain Margelisch