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March 29, 2017


What do the banks have to do with our pensions?

What do the banks have to do with our pensions?

Dear readers

Common sense should actually be alerting us to the reality: we keep getting older, but are not necessarily working longer. Pension funds are subject to political requirements that are not economically feasible.

The level of our pension benefits is significantly impacted not only by the hotly debated retirement age and conversion rate, but also by the capital market, or the so-called 3rd contributor. In a study, asset management experts from the banks and the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) developed proposals for increasing investment returns without assuming additional risk. In this edition of insight, Andreas Barfuss introduces the results of the study, which also dovetails with other SBA measures aimed at strengthening asset management in Switzerland. In an interview, our Chairman, Herbert J. Scheidt, talks in depth about the strategic importance of this area of business, which offers not only potential for growth, but in particular also contributes to the financing of social security for the entire population. 

In addition to asset management, which is the focus of this edition, the experts at the SBA once again provide their views on a number of issues that the association is currently addressing. Digitalisation remains topical, in particular with regard to buzzwords such as WIR Bank, PSD2 and the Fintech task force. And of course, we also continue to concern ourselves with Basel III/IV, as well as training and education.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition of insight and look forward to your reactions and comments.