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June 30, 2016


I can, you can, we can

I can, you can, we can

Dear readers

As the Swiss Bankers Association’s Chairman, I often give presentations about the Swiss financial centre and the challenges it faces.

The audience seems always impressed by the variety of issues we are actually addressing today, and also by the long path we have travelled over the last years. The following topics are explored in the current issue of insight: Thanks to the AEOI and FATCA, tax-related issues are still on the agenda, as are questions about regulation. But in addition to these, we are now also looking at challenges related to digitalisation, the opportunities presented by sustainable investments, and the risks associated with the current monetary policy. Policies and the economic cycle influence our business.

We have the great fortune of being able to actively adjust our strategy. Our financial centre has the necessary strength to be innovative, our bankers have the knowledge and experience to help us maintain our position as a global leader in the sector. We can all be proud of this strength.

I will leave my role as Chairman of the Bankers Association at Bankers Day on 15 September, and so today is the last time that I will have the pleasure of saying that I hope you enjoy reading this edition of our magazine.

I will, however, remain a banker – and therefore, just like you, also an interested reader of insight.