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July 04, 2014


Dynamism, flexibility and resilience

Dynamism, flexibility and resilience

Dear readers

Dynamism, flexibility and resilience are three attributes that are once again required of the Swiss financial centre in these times.

Dynamism is necessary in order to keep up with the rapid pace that has taken over the Swiss financial centre in recent years. The financial centre must keep moving in order to stay on the ball. Let’s take the Netherlands national football team as an example. In the round of sixteen against Mexico, the team turned the game around in the 88th minute, to, against all odds, finish with a 2-1 victory and move on to the quarter-finals.

Flexibility is vital in order to keep up with the times. What still applied yesterday is no longer applicable today. Longstanding business models must be reviewed and amended. So let’s demonstrate some flexibility in order to – and here another football analogy – be able to play a variety of different positions successfully.

Resilience is important in order to withstand the pressures faced by the Swiss financial centre. Just like the football players who don’t let the heat in Brazil get the better of them, I have faith that we will overcome these pressures. In order to succeed, however, we need to make a team effort and not go it alone.