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March 30, 2016


We are ready!

We are ready!

Dear readers

Spring started just over a week ago. This is the time of year when nature reawakens, a time when energy bubbles and new things emerge. According to an old adage, “Every spring holds the magic of a new beginning.” And it’s true.

I am also observing the magic of a new beginning at the Swiss Bankers Association. Last year, we conducted an intensive assessment of our responsibilities, revised our strategy, and created a new setup. Since the beginning of the year, we have been putting this all into practice. So far, I am quite pleased with the implementation. But it is also clear to me that after just under three months, some questions remain open – for example with regard to the governance of the new business-oriented steering committees. From an overall perspective, we are getting closer to aligning our organisation and our various bodies with the activities of our member institutions step by step.

We are now ready. Ready for our new setup, our various new bodies, and the in part new, in part familiar challenges, as you will read in the interesting articles featured in the current issue of insight. I hope that you enjoy reading this issue, and wish you much energy for whichever new things spring might have in store for you.