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March 30, 2016



The US Program: where do we stand?

A milestone has been reached: with the conclusion of the NPAs for the Category 2 banks, a foundation has been established that provides legal certainty. However, the end of the US tax dispute is not in sight just yet. Read More…
by Vanessa Dubra, Head of Overseas, Special Projects EU
Editorial #1.16

We are ready!

Claude-Alain Margelisch by Claude-Alain Margelisch, CEO-Advisor, former CEO

Dear readers

Spring started just over a week ago. This is the time of year when nature reawakens, a time when energy bubbles and new things emerge. According to an old adage, “Every spring holds the magic of a new beginning.” And it’s true. Read More…


by Céline Freivogel, Head of publications
Regulation & Compliance

LSFin et LEFin: dernière ligne droite en vue

by Christoph Winzeler, Former Head of Financial Market Law

The Swiss Fintech Ecosystem

by Martin Hess, Chief Economist

Näher am Business

by Sindy Schmiegel, Former Head of Public & Media Relations
Regulation & Compliance

TBTF — Systemrelevante Schweizer Banken im Würgegriff der Regulierung

by Lukas Hetzel, Former Head of real estate and consumer regulation
Politics & Economy

Klares Verhältnis zur EU ist wichtig

by Sindy Schmiegel, Former Head of Public & Media Relations

Apokalypse nö

Regulation & Compliance

Un fonds souverain pour la Suisse

by Marc Alesch, Former economist
Politics & Economy

Durchsetzungsinitiative: Eine Lehre für die bevorstehende Europa-Kampagne

by Martin Stucki, Former Head Campaigning, Analyses and Networks