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March 30, 2015


Public affairs is more than lobbying

Public affairs is more than lobbying

What do banking lobbyists do in Bern? And which issues are at the top of this year´s political agenda?

The term “lobbying” is not broad enough to describe the jobs of Kuno Hämisegger, Delegate of Public Affairs and Alena Weibel, Head of Political Issues. The two Swiss Bankers Association´s employees represent the interests of the Swiss financial centre at the federal parliament building. Their job is a “two-way road”, as Kuno Hämisegger fittingly describes it. They act as the link between the bankers association and policymakers, introducing the issues faced by the financial centre into the political decision making process as early on as possible, and overseeing these until they are implemented. This is no easy task, as the financial centre has had a major impact on the political agenda since the outbreak of the financial crisis. In 2015 there are once again a number of key projects to be discussed and decided on, for example the automatic exchange of information and double taxation agreements, or the switch from the current withholding tax scheme to a paying agent tax.

Kuno Hämisegger and Alena Weibel share their views in the Bankerscast, a Podcast dedicated to the Swiss financial centre and its banking regulations from the Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland.