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March 30, 2015


Looking to the future with optimism

Looking to the future with optimism

Dear readers

Negative headlines about the Swiss financial centre are a regular event. The ghosts of the past evidently keep catching up with us and bad news just sells better than good news.

I know that to you, dear colleagues, it is surely as clear as it is to me that the financial centre today is completely different to the one we knew ten years ago. The Swiss banks have been repositioned, they systematically adhere to a strategy of tax conformity and have significantly strengthened their compliance procedures.

That being said, things are still far from perfect. Nevertheless: It is time to begin a new chapter and actively shape our future. In a number of areas, such as asset management, our initiatives can already boast several successes.

In others, such as fintech, we are still standing at the starting line. The digitalisation of the sector will be a theme throughout the course of the entire year. Hanspeter Rhyner, CEO of Glarner Kantonalbank will launch the topic in insight 1.15, where he will examine the opportunities and challenges of a digitalized financial world.

I hope to see many more such projects this year, as they underscore my optimism for the financial centre.