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April 16, 2014


(Opinion) Leadership

(Opinion) Leadership

Dear readers

Resonance, relevance and conciseness – this is how we plan to increase leadership in the Swiss financial centre.

These three terms also describe the Swiss Bankers Association’s communication objectives in recent years. We have continually sought to align our communication activities in a manner that meets the requirements of our readership. This readership has less and less time, needs clearer opinions, gets its information on-the-go, and wishes to comment on and share this information. This issue of insight represents the concrete implementation of our objectives. But we need your help if we want to achieve increased scope and relevance. So share articles on your social networks. Discuss our views with other readers. Help us to become thought leaders on the issues that will shape our sector in future. Because in today’s web 2.0 world, only those who share, not those who keep everything to themselves, can become opinion leaders