November 01, 2019

A sector undergoing structural change and the pitfalls of statistics…

Banks’ value chains are increasingly spread across multiple supplier industries, so it is no longer possible to track the sector’s... Read More…
Thomas Rühl

Thomas Rühl

Leiter Sektoranalyse & Fachstudien
September 13, 2019

Is it only banks that are system relevant?

In this age of digital transformation new risks have emerged for financial stability. The focus on banks has become too narrow. A public discussion is needed on the systemic risks of today and tomorrow. Read More…
September 10, 2019

Who’s afraid of Libra?

International discussion about Facebook’s digital currency Libra shows no sign of abating and will probably continue to dog Switzerland’s financial centre. The Geneva-based Libra Association is attracting mainly criticism from world politics. Read More…