Statement from the SBA regarding the interim report on market access by the Brunetti group of experts

  • The SBA endorses the recommendations made by the expert commission regarding market access for financial services providers. The SBA shares the view held by the experts that the importance of market access should be classified as a priority in terms of time and content and should be considered a key strategic objective.
  • The SBA supports the suggestion that the pros and cons of a sectorial agreement with the EU should be analysed in depth and that its feasibility should be clarified.
  • The banks in Switzerland continue to advocate a successful, globally leading financial centre that allows them to safeguard their interests and leverage their strengths. In order for the banks to fulfil their function to the best of their ability in Switzerland’s open and dynamic economy, they require the appropriate framework conditions. Access to important foreign markets is an essential part of these conditions.
  • The banks will continue to pro-actively market the advantages of the Swiss financial centre abroad. Ideally, in order to achieve even more resonance in this area, the government, authorities and regulators should also view themselves as promoters of the financial centre abroad.