Claude-Alain Margelisch appointed new CEO of the Swiss Bankers Association

Basel, June 21, 2010 At its meeting today the Board of Directors of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) appointed Claude-Alain Margelisch (47) as the SBA’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Delegate of the Board of Directors. He replaces Urs Roth, who will step down due to age on Swiss Bankers Day on 16 September 2010.

With this appointment, the Board of Directors is setting store by continuity and experience during this important phase for the Swiss financial centre. Lawyer and notary Claude-Alain Margelisch worked at a law firm for several years before joining the Swiss Bankers Association in 1993. He has been deputy CEO since 2001, as part of which remit he has been involved in putting together all dossiers of relevance for the Swiss financial centre in cooperation with the Swiss government and politicians, the federal administration, the Association's banking groups and other business associations. He is also one of the architects of the new financial centre strategy, and since 2003 has been responsible for overseeing the international financial markets, which has enabled him to forge excellent contacts in political and regulatory circles in all of the world's major financial centres. SBA Chairman Patrick Odier praised this excellent track record, saying: "Thanks to Claude-Alain Margelisch’s strong roots in Switzerland and extensive network abroad, coupled with his tremendous specialist knowledge, he is the perfect person to lead the Swiss Bankers Association through this challenging period and successfully represent the banks' interests both at home and abroad."

Patrick Odier paid homage to Urs Roth's nine years of service and thanked him for his outstanding contribution during what proved to be a very challenging time for the Swiss banking sector. His professional, solution-oriented and prudent approach together with his unswerving dedication and commitment played a decisive role in helping the Swiss financial centre overcome the major challenges of recent years and re-emerge from the crisis with a clearer strategic Focus.