Promotion of the financial centre

Promotion of the financial centre

The Swiss Bankers Association advocates for the Swiss financial centre both at home and abroad. It is involved in a number of different promotional activities aimed at progressively strengthening the financial centre’s profile and reputation.

Promotion at home

The Swiss financial centre is a cornerstone of the Swiss economy. The banks are among the biggest employers in Switzerland, and with the banking apprenticeship (which has over 1,000 graduates annually), they offer by far the most popular commercial vocational training. The varied and competitive banking sector provides individuals and companies in Switzerland with a broad and high-quality range of services. Customer confidence in the banks is extremely high.

Berufsmesse_IMG_1776 (3).jpg
Berufsmesse_IMG_1776 (3).jpg

The goal of promotional activities at home is to consistently convey the importance of the banks for Switzerland and strengthen their reputation. To this end, the Swiss Bankers Association hosts its own events throughout the country and fosters partnerships with a variety of trade fairs and conferences. It is also actively involved in recruitment fairs, where it presents a range of careers and training opportunities in the banking sector in collaboration with regional banking associations and other partners. An overview of the latest events and recruitment fairs can be found below.

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The SBA also regularly publishes studies and analyses regarding the importance and reputation of the financial sector for Switzerland, and provides facts and figures that can be used in public debates. Finally, the SBA uses the broad networks of banking groups and institutions as well as regional banking associations to implement various promotional activities.

Promotion abroad

The globally-oriented Swiss financial centre is the largest location for wealth management in the world.

In addition to attractive framework conditions in Switzerland, market access for financial services providers and good international trade relations are key factors for the future success of the Swiss financial centre.

The focus of promotional activities conducted abroad is on international visits under the leadership of the Head of the Federal Department of Finance, Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer, together with delegations of industry representatives. The objective here is to improve trade relations with key markets and increase awareness of the advantages of the Swiss financial centre.

Following the first promotional trip to Asia in 2017, further trips have been made to the Middle East and Latin America in 2018 and China in 2019.

The SBA also works together with other financial market representatives on the information platform, which is run by the federal government and showcases Switzerland’s status as a premier location for a wide variety of financial services. The intention here is to raise global awareness of the Swiss financial centre and strengthen its international competitiveness.