The priorities of the SBA

The priorities of the SBA

Every year, the Board of Directors of the SBA determines the association’s priority areas. Through its focus on these areas, the SBA pursues its goal of ensuring attractive framework conditions for the banking sector. For 2021, the SBA’s priorities are:

Sustainable finance

The Swiss financial centre aims to become a leading international location for sustainable finance. The SBA is committed to promoting market-based framework conditions and, in the area of sustainability, is focusing on current issues relating to disclosure and classification.


The SBA supports technology-neutral framework conditions and innovative business models, particularly in the area of open finance. At the same time, cyber risks must be countered with an effective defence system that is coordinated among all stakeholders.

Financial market regulation

The SBA is committed to a commensurate implementation of the international Basel III final standards. The competitiveness of the Swiss financial centre is to be taken into account as part of this process. In addition, the SBA advocates an effective and balanced revision of depositor protection as part of the current partial revision of the Banking Act. An appropriate cost-benefit ratio is to be ensured.


The SBA supports the current revision of the Anti-Money Laundering Act in order to take international requirements duly into account. In addition, the SBA supports its members in the implementation of the Financial Services Act (FinSA) and the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA), which have entered into force, and is adjusting its self-regulation models accordingly. The SBA is also committed to a modern trust law in Switzerland.

Tax framework

The abolition of stamp duty as well as an implementation-friendly reform and partial abolition of withholding tax are designed to strengthen the Swiss capital market. At the international level, Switzerland’s attractiveness as a business location is to remain unchanged in terms of the tax on corporate profits.

Market access

Good market access is vital for Swiss banks in order to offer their services in target markets in a way that meets the needs of their customers. As an export-oriented industry, the banks require improvements both with regard to the EU and at the bilateral country level.