The priorities of the SBA

The priorities of the SBA

Going digital, acting sustainably - The Swiss Bankers Association’s priorities for ensuring a strong financial centre


Digitalisation and sustainability are opening up new opportunities for the Swiss financial centre. Digital solutions help to better meet customer needs. At the same time, focus is increasingly shifting to sustainable investments. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, the banks require competitive framework conditions and open markets. In 2020, the SBA is therefore focusing on ten priorities.

Sustainable finance

The SBA wants to position Switzerland as a leading international hub for sustainable finance. The banks are taking ESG criteria into account and broadening their offering to this end. In order to be successful, they require attractive framework conditions.


Banks need scope for entrepreneurial freedom and reliable framework condi-tions that enable them to establish and further develop innovative business models.

Financial stability

The discussion about the risk factors for the stability of the financial cen-tre must be broadened. Cyber risks, new business models and market participants, and the side effects of negative interest rates on the economy must also be included in this discus-sion.

Tax framework

The Swiss financial centre requires good and coherent fiscal framework con-ditions that are in line with national and international developments. The abolition of stamp duty and an implementation-friendly withholding tax are to strengthen the capital market.

Market access

Good market access is vital for Swiss banks to be able to offer their services in target markets in a way that meets the needs of their customers. As a major export industry, the banks require improvements in this area, in particular with a view to the EU as their most important market. The framework agreement between Switzerland and the EU is a key prereq-uisite for this.

Basel III

The SBA advocates the commensurate implementation of the international stand-ards. The competitiveness of the Swiss financial centre is to be taken into account in terms of the timing and content thereof.

Depositor protection

The SBA is committed to an effective and balanced revision of deposi-tor protection. An appropriate benefit-cost ratio is to be ensured.

Money laundering

With the revision of the anti-money laundering provisions, the interna-tional requirements are to be taken into account in a commensurate manner.

Occupational pension plans

Occupational pension plans are to be strengthened long term through the modernisation of the investment guidelines (Prudent Investor Rule).


The SBA creates optimal framework conditions for further developing the skills of Swiss bank employees in line with future trends.