Wichtige Termine

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24. Februar 2020 00:00
Hotel Bellevue Palace, Kochergasse 3-5, Bern, CH-3000, Switzerland

As a network of values-based banks, we are aware of the pivotal role and responsibility of the finance sector in the process of moving towards a climate-friendly society. This Annual Meeting will offer the opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other how to be part of the solution.

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28. Februar 2020 00:00
StageOne Event & Convention Hall, Zurich

With the F10 Fintech Hackathon, F10 is offering designers, marketeers, businesspersons, bankers, financial experts, students and developers a unique opportunity to attend 48-hours of ideation and programming supported by its renowned F10 Startup Coaches. The event aims to generate new ideas and to transform them into validated prototypes. All winning teams will get to choose from a range of the latest tech gadgets (iPhones, tablets, drones,..) and the overall hackathon winner as well as the golden ticket winner will get access to F10’s P2 Program.

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28. Februar 2020 08:15
Café Odno, Kreuzstrasse 26, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

Machines are calling most of the shots in financial markets: up to 60% of trading activities, 35% of the US stock market and 60% of institutional assets are run by computers with rules set by humans (according to The Economist). How do machines do it, do they pursue our long term interests and is it a fair market for all participants? Join the Tech and Society breakfast on “Machines and Finance” to learn more and discuss this.

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03. März 2020 00:00
Hotel Marriott Zürich

Die Arbeitsrechtstagung 2020 schlägt praxistaugliche Lösungsansätze vor. Es erwarten Sie topaktuelle Vorträge und praxisorientierte Sessions sowie eine spannende Podiumsdiskussion. Profitieren Sie vom Know-how und den Erfahrungen der Expertinnen und Experten und diskutieren Sie aktuelle Fragen.

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05. März 2020 00:00
Campus Biotech Geneva Chemin des mines 9 1202 Geneva

Following the unqualified success of the October 2019 AICC Networking Event at the WTO, this is the 2nd event organized by the Canadian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with our fellow members of the AICC which will provide a unique networking and learning opportunity for our members and guests. We will host up to 400 participants in a business friendly and stimulating environment.

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11. März 2020 00:00
Beau-Rivage, Quai du Mont-Blanc 13, Genève Switzerland

The 5th Annual Private Wealth Switzerland Geneva Forum is the region's leading conference for family offices, high net worth wealth managers and private banks from throughout the region and one of the flagship meetings of our global private wealth series. The Forum’s content was developed through hundreds of one-on-one meetings with the HNW family wealth management community and the program's speaker faculty is primarily comprised of leaders in the sector from across Switzerland.

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12. März 2020 00:00
Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut Langhaldenstrasse 21 8803 Rüschlikon

The annual Swiss Fintech Awards event aims to promote Swiss fintech innovators and contribute to the strong Swiss fintech ecosystem. The awards specifically recognize outstanding fintech startups and fintech influencers. The winners are chosen by a renowned jury consisting of 20+ fintech experts. The Swiss Fintech Awards Night 2020 will be held on March 12, 2020, during which the grand winners will be announced.

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30. März 2020 16:30
Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano, Piazza Indipendenza 4, 6900 Lugano, Svizzera

La seconda edizione del Lugano Banking Day è dedicata a temi di rilevanza fondamentale per la piazza finanziaria: politica monetaria, innovazione, sostenibilità e relazioni internazionali. A discuterne saranno i massimi esponenti delle istituzioni politiche e finanziarie svizzere.

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30. April 2020 13:00
Hochschule Luzern – Informatik Suurstoffi 1, Raum 420, 421 und 422 6343 Rotkreuz

Die Swiss Digital Finance Conference vernetzt Akteure aus dem Schweizer Finanzsektor, informiert sie über relevante Technologie-Trends und darüber, wie diese die Branche verändern.

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04. Mai 2020 00:00

The symposium aims at bringing together leading finance scholars and asset management industry experts from all over the world to focus on new advances in investing methodologies and practices. It is an annual event taking place on the first Sunday and Monday of May in some financial centers around the globe.

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12. August 2020 00:00
MaRS Discovery District 101 College Street Toronto, ON M5G 1L7

Canada FinTech Week (CFW) was created by the Digital Finance Institute as a way to bring together the entire FinTech ecosystem for a week of conferences, workshops, networking events, parties, meetups, exhibitions and much more. Canada FinTech Week is the largest FinTech gathering in Canada with over 2,800 participants, from around the world, and over 10 unique events. The FinTech ecosystem in Canada has been thriving since 2014 and Canada FinTech Week is a chance to celebrate Canadian Innovation in the finance sector.

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08. September 2020 00:00
SIX ConventionPoint, Zurich

The Swiss Fintech Fair is the largest annual fintech tradeshow in Switzerland. Hosted and organized by Swiss Finance Startups, the fair will showcase the full range of the fintech universe: startups, corporates, crowdlending providers, blockchain, insurtech and much more. In addition to the trade show, participants will get enjoy startup pitches, expert talks, inspiring speeches, workshop sessions and panel discussions.

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09. November 2020 00:00
Zürich Marriott Hotel

Seit 2012 bietet das Swiss Payment Forum die optimale Schweizer Plattform, um mit Entscheidern aus den Bereichen E-Business, Zahlungsverkehr und IT-Verantwortlichen aller Branchen über Trends und künftige Entwicklungen im Payment-Umfeld zu diskutieren.

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30. November 2020 11:00
SIX ConventionPoint, Zurich

The Swiss Fintech Investor Day is an annual matchmaking event where fintech startups selected by a jury pitch to find experienced smart money investors. It is the largest fintech investor event in Switzerland, gathering over 250 attendees from all over the world.

  • 2021-01-21T00:00:00+01:00
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21. Januar 2021 00:00

Apparently, we are facing the second big transformation in the history of mankind: the breakdown of hierarchical structures. Nobody knows how to deal with it. We believe radical change in businesses and organizations happens by bringing together pioneers, nerds, mavericks, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, misfits, and you – a melting pot of stories written by life.

Vergangene Termine

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13. Februar 2020 00:00
The Dolder Grand, Zurich, Switzerland

The networking and knowledge sharing event is set to attract investors, private equity, hedge funds, bond specialists, pension funds, property specialists and bankers, as well as the IT infrastructure leadership of data center, cloud, edge computing and telecoms businesses. In addition to the Finvest Summit, Data Economy will also held for the second time the Finvest Awards. The accolades will celebrate the best of best in the industry from CFO Of The Year to Edge Investment, Global Financial Leader, Law Firm of the Year, M&A Of The Year, Bank of the Year and more.

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12. Februar 2020 00:00
Cyber Resilience SÀRL; Pérolles 9; CH-1700 Fribourg

Die Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) sind die führende Cyber Security Kompetenz der Schweiz. Die im Forum Fribourg präsentierten SCSDs vermitteln umfassenses Know-how zwischen Technologie und Öffentlichkeit mit aktuellen und künftigen innovativen Lösungen.

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05. Februar 2020 13:45
SIX Management AG ConventionPoint Pfingstweidstrasse 110 8005 Zürich

Die Ausgangslage ist klar – Negativzinsen, Margendruck und Konsolidierung stellen die Akteure des Schweizer Finanzplatzes vor grosse Herausforderungen. Für eine erfolgreiche Positionierung im Markt gibt es nur eine Lösung: Wachstum. Doch woher soll das kommen?

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30. Januar 2020 00:00
École CREA Genève, Geneva

French Tech Suisse Romande will be hosting a panel discussion on January 30, 2020 that will explore the rapid rise of neobanks. The event will feature representatives from Lydia, Mizen, Neon, and Yapeal.

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21. Januar 2020 18:30
University of Zurich KOH-B10, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zurich

In his keynote, Professor William Nordhaus will combine the interdisciplinary insights from natural sciences and economics to address a set of critical questions. What is the optimal policy to address climate change? What are the costs of climate change? And how will technology and innovation help?