Positions and press releases

Positions and press releases

2017/11/29 09:00:00 GMT+1 | Basel

The financial sector is an important pillar for the economy

The financial sector remains one of the key sectors of the Swiss economy, even in a challenging environment, due to its direct and indirect impact. This fact is clearly shown by a study on banks and insurers in Switzerland conducted by Polynomics for the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and Swiss Insurance Association (SIA). Despite decreasing value creation, the financial sector accounts for around 9.4 percent of the total Swiss gross value creation, which is above average compared with other countries. The financial experts polled by Polynomics as part of a consensus are cautiously optimistic about the growth forecast in the financial sector.
2017/09/14 09:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Bankers Day 2017: Remaining at the top

This year’s Annual General Meeting of the banks in Switzerland is being held under the motto “Remaining at the top”. The banks are highly competitive. They differentiate themselves through innovation, professionalism and quality. But they must have framework conditions that allow them to successfully develop their business strategies. The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) is successfully contributing to the establishment of the best-possible framework conditions for its members.
2017/08/31 07:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Banking Barometer 2017: Stability despite unfavourable environment

2016 was once again a difficult year for the banks in Switzerland. Regulatory requirements and the rising intensity of competition continued to put pressure on the banks’ margins. The low interest rate environment also posed challenges for the banks. Notwithstanding, most banks reported a profit last year, which amounted to CHF 7.9 bn (2015: CHF 15.8 bn, one-off effect resulting from high extraordinary income generated by a big bank). Aggregate operating net income was CHF 62.5 bn (-3.2%), which is slightly below the previous year, and therefore marks the first decline since 2012. The banks continue to consistently fulfil their role as an engine of the economy. The successful future of the banks depends on good framework conditions that increase the international competitiveness of the Swiss financial centre.
2017/06/27 10:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Sovereign Money Initiative: Study shows repercussions for Switzerland

The study presented today by Philippe Bacchetta, a professor of economics, entitled “The Sovereign Money Initiative in Switzerland: An Assessment”, is the first and only analysis to date that examines the consequences of the introduction of a sovereign money system for bank clients, commercial banks, the central bank and the nation. The study shows that the initiative ignores the prevailing economic understanding and that if sovereign money were to be implemented, it would have significant negative implications for the Swiss economy. The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) firmly rejects the Sovereign Money Initiative, as it would be an irresponsible experiment with what is an efficient economy.
2017/05/24 08:30:00 GMT+2 | Basel

August Benz appointed to Executive Board of the SBA

August Benz will become the new Head of the SBA’s Private Banking and Asset Management business area. He will assume his role as a member of the Executive Board at the beginning of July. August Benz is currently Managing Director and Head of Client Servicing at UBS Asset Management.
2017/04/07 00:35:00 GMT+2 | Basel

The SBA adopts new areas of focus and strategic priorities

Under the leadership of Chairman Herbert J. Scheidt, the Board of Directors of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) has defined the focus of the association’s activities and the strategic priorities for 2017. Concomitant with this, the business priorities of the SBA’s office will be realigned and the Executive Board will be reinforced with the addition of new members.
2017/04/06 08:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Swiss banks receive good marks

The level of trust enjoyed by the primary banks of Swiss citizens has once again increased, reaching an historically high level. This was revealed in a representative survey commissioned by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA). According to the survey results, the banks are considered particularly solid and reliable; bank employees are viewed as competent. The progress made by the financial centre is recognised: almost half of respondents feel the banks enjoy a good and professional reputation internationally. In the view of the Swiss population, the banks will be among the winners in the trend towards digitalisation. Data protection and a high level of protection of privacy are considered important issues by the respondents. The Swiss population also recognises the importance of the banks for Switzerland as a business location; some, however, are concerned about the competitiveness of the country’s banks at the international level.
2016/11/16 09:00:00 GMT+1 | Basel

Swiss banks publish further names relating to dormant assets

By law, Swiss banks must publish assets that have been dormant for a very long period of time on Further names relating to dormant assets were published today. Since the beginning of 2015, Swiss banks have been obliged to publish assets that have been without contact for 60 years. The new names that were published are names for which it has not been possible to establish contact with the customer or his or her legal heirs since 1956.
2016/10/26 08:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Swiss financial sector remains an important pillar of the economy

The Swiss financial sector is performing well in the current challenging market environment. Digitalisation of the sector requires substantial investment from companies. At the same time, low interest rates, persistent pressure on margins and the cost of necessary regulatory adjustments are squeezing profitability. Despite this, the financial sector has still been able to expand its economic output this year moderately, meaning that it remains a central pillar of the Swiss economy. In 2015, related economic activities, including direct and indirect effects, accounted for a gross value added of around CHF 80 billion and around 400,000 full-time equivalent jobs. This is shown by the results of the economic impact analysis drawn up by BAKBASEL, commissioned by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and the Swiss Insurance Association (SIA).
2016/09/15 08:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Handover to the new Chairman of the SBA: achievements, challenges, priorities for the future

The financial centre is stable and well-positioned. It is actively tapping new areas of business, for example asset management or the renminbi-business, and is addressing the challenges posed by digitalisation. In order to continue carrying out its role as the engine of the economy, the financial centre requires the best possible framework conditions. The government and the authorities are fundamental in establishing these. Improved market access in the EU is also of great importance for the financial centre, which has traditionally had a very strong international focus.
2016/09/01 08:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Banking Barometer 2016: Swiss banks stable, but face significant challenges

The banks in Switzerland are in solid shape, despite the challenging national and international environment. The operating net income of the banks in Switzerland rose by five percent in 2015 to CHF 64.6 bn, and they provided the economy and private individuals with credit without interruption. Accounting for a 25 percent market share, the Swiss financial centre remains the undisputed leader in global cross-border asset management. Rising regulatory costs, pressure on margins and investments in technological developments are, however, accelerating structural change in the sector, which is also reflected in the key performance indicators: for the 2015/2016 reporting period, the number of banks in Switzerland decreased, as did employment in the banking sector.
2016/08/31 08:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Relaunch of the website

Every day around 3,500 people visit the website – welcome, dear visitor! In order to make this website even more efficient and easy for you to use, we have completely relaunched it.
2016/07/07 16:55:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Herbert J. Scheidt elected new Chairman of the Swiss Bankers Association

Following a professional and systematic selection process, the Board of Directors of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) today at its meeting unanimously elected Herbert J. Scheidt as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors as of 16 September 2016. Herbert J. Scheidt is Chairman of Vontobel; an office that he will continue to hold after assuming his new responsibilities at the SBA. He will succeed Patrick Odier, who in April 2016 decided not to stand for re-election this coming September after seven years in the role.
2016/05/02 13:10:00 GMT+2 | Zürich

Die Schweiz feiert Erfolgreich den ersten Swiss Fintech & Digitization Day

Der Schweizer Fintech-Verband Swiss Finance Startups hat den SWISS FINTECH & DIGITIZATION DAY ins Leben gerufen und dafür die Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung als Co-Veranstalter gewinnen können. Somit haben sich heute am 02. Mai 2016 zum ersten Mal überhaupt die Fintech-Startups und die Banken des Landes zusammengetan, um die Zukunft des Finanzplatzes Schweiz gemeinsam zu diskutieren und voranzutreiben. Bundespräsident Johann N. Schneider-Ammann nahm sich Zeit um die Anliegen der Branche persönlich zu besprechen. Dafür traf er sich zunächst mit Fintech-Gründern sowie Meinungsführern von Grosskonzernen zu Gesprächsrunden in den Räumlichkeiten des Zürcher Startups Knip.
2016/04/07 13:10:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Überwältigende Mehrheit der Vermögensverwaltungsbranche unterstützt schlankes FIDLEG/FINIG

Die überwältigende Mehrheit der schweizerischen Vermögensverwaltungsbranche unterstützt ein schlankes FIDLEG/FINIG. Die Wirtschaftskommission des Ständerates nimmt nächste Woche die Detailberatung auf. Die Vorlage stärkt Rechtssicherheit, Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und Ruf des Finanzplatzes, indem sie die bestehenden Regeln zusammenfasst, die Bedingungen für Anbieter gleicher Produkte vereinheitlicht und den Anlegerschutz modernisiert. Die Unternehmen, die den unterzeichnenden Verbänden angeschlossen sind, erbringen rund 95 Prozent der volkswirtschaftlichen Wertschöpfung in diesem Bereich.
2016/04/04 00:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Patrick Odier will not seek a further term as Chairman

After seven years in office, Patrick Odier has decided that he will not seek re-election to the Board of Directors and thus as Chairman of the SBA at Bankers Day on 15 September 2016. The Board of Directors expresses its deep gratitude to the outgoing Chairman. A selection committee of the SBA’s Board of Directors is addressing the search for a successor.
2016/04/01 00:00:00 GMT+2 | Basel

Asset Management Initiative Switzerland: New setup as a platform

The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association (SFAMA) are reorganising the Asset Management Initiative Switzerland, which they co-launched three years ago, into an institutionalised platform. The objectives of the platform are aligned with the Initiative’s strategic direction. Also under the new setup an active role of market participants and government will remain necessary for the implementation of the proposed measures.

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